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We met about 5 years ago at our old job as nurses. We worked at the same hospital, but on different floors! We both wanted to do travel nursing and were quickly introduced by a co-worker. Long story short, a month later we were in a Toyota Corolla with two dogs (a miniature schnauzer and a boxer mix, which you will hear plenty about later), driving across the country to Reno, Nevada.
Neither of us had been to Reno before, nor had we ever driven cross country. On top of that, we really did not know each other. The longest conversation we had was a quick breakfast one morning in the cafeteria after work, mostly talking about the plan to travel nurse. I guess we both got the vibe that the other one was not a serial killer. Fast forward five years and our friendship has survived three cross country trips, living on opposite sides of the country, and now starting a blog together!
Starting a blog is something we have both wanted to do for awhile. One night over a bottle of wine we decide it’s now or never. There is never a perfect time and we will make plenty of mistakes along the way, but our goal is to share our journey with you all (Y'all, as Magan would say, the southerner. Krista grew up in Brooklyn, NY so “Y'all” is not a regular word in her vocabulary). We want this blog to be a transparent place for women to come and know they are not alone in this superficial world. We are all different and corny as it sounds, that’s what really makes the world go 'round.
Krista is an amazing cook and is so knowledgeable about food and what to eat when you have specific goals. Where Magan is probably one of the worst eaters and cooking scares her. Thank God she loves working out and comes from a family with a high metabolism! We both have a passion for an active lifestyle and even started Crossfit together while living in Reno. Fashion and the latest trends are something that Magan loves; she is such a natural in pairing outfits and accessories. Krista is starting to love it more with Magan's help.
We hope to share all of this on Prime Your Style. As in our name, our mission is to utilize the convenience and affordability of Amazon 'Prime' to fit our, and your, busy and budgeted lives. We want to bring these passions to the blog in a relatable way. Heck, maybe you’ll find a new interest you did not know you had!

We hope you stay a while! 

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