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Embroidered Denim // Steve Madden Heels // Pink Top // Black Crossbody Bag

I don't know about y'all but I am really digging all the embroidered denim this spring. I got these high waisted, embroidered denim from Nordstrom, and they are definitely one of my favorites right now. Here I dressed them up, but they can totally be worn more casual. Such as with a thin sweater, and some cute slip-on's to transition into spring.

Do y'all remember these being a trend back in the 90's??? I love how trends always come back around, and right now the 90's seem to be back in full force. I have always felt like the 90's were kind of confused. Coming out of the 80's where everything was, "the bigger the better" and "more is best," going to the infamous Y2K. Suddenly the world could possibly end, but we all said to "party like it's 1999"! And fun fact, my dad was a total doomsday prepper! 😷LOL. We had enough dried food for a small army!!

I have linked my jeans from Topshop and sadly my top is from last year. I linked some similar from  Amazon with the best reviews. I did order a pair of embroidered denim from Amazon, but they did not fit that great so I returned them. These are the ones I sent back. They were not as high waisted as I like. If you like a midrise, you might like them.

Hope y'all have a wonderful Thursday!!

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