Workout Pants: The Low Down

There are a few brands for workout pants that I tend to gravitate to when I reach to get dressed for a workout. I will breakdown the fit, price, and some amazon alternatives on my absolute favorite workout pants.

First,  the Lululemon (Lulus) Align I crop pant. These high-waisted gems are thin and moldable while also durable and breathable. They have endless stretch and I feel so secure in them! I choose these on leg day usually. Doing a ton of squats and hip thrusts I like the higher pant (lots of bending over). I own the crop pant but the full pant is on my list! I ordered this pair on the Mercari app (similar to Poshmark) for secondhand clothes since the original pair is over $90. Either way, I only paid a FRACTION of the price. I know Lululemons are on the more expensive side, but dang, every single pair I own have lasted YEARS.

Second, Fabletics is another go-to for me. The pants Magan and I are wearing are both Fabletics and comfy as hell. There are not enough pictures to cover all the pants I love from this brand. Thick, stretchy, conforms to your body, and guaranteed quality. Prices range from $40-$90 depending on sales. Downside, to really make this commitment pay off cost-wise you need to be a VIP; join the Fabletics monthly commitment. Now, you can postpone orders and never pay anything, just don't forget to skip the month online or you do get charged (used as credit for future purchases). You wont regret one pair of pants you get with this brand.

Krista: Sports Bra  //  Nikes // Fitbit // Pants // Fabletics Pants

Magan: Sports Bra // Nikes // Fabletics Pants // Amazon Pants

Third, Namastetics is one of my most recent go-to pants. This yoga specific brand is actually perfect for all types of workouts. The high, thick waist is not only flattering, but it ensures nothing falls out! The two-toned pant leg is adorable and I get compliments all the time. Plus they are moderately priced at around $45 a pair...and guess what! They are on amazon! YEAA, love me some prime life. I think my obsession for this pant is going to lead me to getting every color. I wear an XS to S depending on time of year and competition prep. 

Amazon this  WHOLE look:

Fourth, there is the famous Forever 21. Do not be fooled by the $13 price tag. These pants have seen me through many sprints and heavy weight lifting days. I initially bought them for the inexpensive nature of the brand. But not only do the pants hold up, but the sports bras are equally as good. I do think the style of the pant and bra will vary in quality. I go for the stretch, not the cute aspect here. I bought a cute sports bra the other day and my mountain climbers turned into a boob mess. However, the linked pants here are approved by yours truly. 

Two brands additional brands are Gymshark and Bombshell Sportswear. Both originated in California by strong ass women entrepreneurs. 
Gymshark is a brand I wear a lot. They are fairly priced, however they sell out so quickly! This means they rock, obviously, it is just hard to nail the size you need. It is worth checking out, 100%. 

Bombshell Sportwear is probably the pants I get the most compliments on as far as how they flatter my body. However, they price at about $89 a pair. Now, the three pants I own have lasted two years and do not have one thread out of place.  The sock leggings are pictured below after Magan and I killed a Halloween Crossfit workout. The other style is pictured while checking myself out in the mirror, duh. 

Hope this helps in finding what pant works for YOU! Feel free to comment any finds YOU want to share or any questions you have :)  


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